Social media reaction to Kanye West’s addition of Da Baby to the “Donda” album

Although many people are calling for the cancellation of the big baby, it seems that Kanye West is calling to put the baby on the right track, “prison”. At Donda’s listening event last night, Kanye showed Da Baby’s verses for the first time at the third listening party at Chicago Soldier Stadium.

When people realized that Jay Z’s verses played in the last two listening activities where “Donda” appeared had been deleted, the reactions were mixed.

Some people seem to be impressed and actually like the verses of the big baby, but others are not for all of this.

One person tweeted, “After everyone tried to cancel his #Donda, Kanye added a dababy verse to his song.” Another asked, “KANYE launched JAY-Z for DABABY??? #DONDA”

People who like the Da Baby version said: “Okay, but why Dababy vomits more than jay #DONDA.” Others who seem to be impressed wrote: “Oh my God, I have never heard of a da baby like #donda Voice.” Another person who seems to have the same opinion said, “Dababycarred #Donda”

As you know, Donda also set himself on fire in the third part. If self-immolation was not enough, Kanye also held a mock wedding with his separated wife, Kim Kardashian. As you know, the two did file for a divorce, but she wore a custom white Balenciaga gown to join him on the set, which sparked rumors of a reconciliation between the two.

Kanye even invited Marilyn Manson, Shenseea and Da Baby at the Chicago event.

If you remember, this highly anticipated album was originally scheduled to be released in July. As of now, the official has not given a release date.

Roommates, what do you think?

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