Simone Biles expressed dissatisfaction with critics when reflecting on the 2021 Olympics: “I can’t hear your voice on 7 Olympic medals”

It’s been a month since the 2021 Olympics came to an end, and Simone Biles took time to reflect on this journey and her achievements in this year’s Olympics.

When talking about how proud she is of the journey so far, she Said, “This Olympics did not erase my past achievements, nor did it define my identity as an athlete. In the past few years, I have experienced a lot, and the word quit smoking is no longer in my vocabulary.”

However, she said a few words to critics who might think she gave up in this year’s game. “For some of you, this may be your definition of me, but go on, because I can’t hear your 7 Olympic medals. The most honorable American gymnasts are tied,” she said.

As we are Before According to reports, when he was out in Tokyo, Simeone decided to withdraw from the last team game in Tokyo due to mental health reasons.

At that time, the team issued a statement, which read: “Simon Byers withdrew from the team’s final due to medical problems. She will be evaluated daily to determine the medical pass rate for future matches. Miss you, Simon. Ni!”

She later said at a press conference, “Thank God, no injuries. That’s why I took a step back because I didn’t want to do something stupid outside to get hurt. So I think it’s best to let these girls take over and finish them absolutely. The rest of the work they do. They are now Olympic silver medalists and they should be proud of themselves.”

Nevertheless, she returned to the arena in the women’s balance beam competition and won the bronze medal.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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