Simon Guobadia sends a message about his father to black people

In the past few months, Simon Guobadia made headlines due to his last divorce and his current relationship. However, on Monday, he decided to talk about the meaning of his father, and his respect for his followers through their father’s duties.

He shared a message on his Instagram account that talked about Webster’s definition of the term “parents” and added: “Being a parent does not necessarily mean that you have passed on your genetics to your children biologically. Parents can take different forms, such as stepparents, grandparents, legal guardians or a combination.”

He continued to talk about being a parent in his speech Title, But his message was more aimed at blacks, and continued: “This message is specifically aimed at blacks. If you don’t support your children emotionally and financially, I don’t think you are a man. God doesn’t, nor does he Will treat you well.”

When he enthusiastically encouraged men to become fathers of children, he added: “Don’t follow me, stop following me on my page, we are not in the same alliance. When you start to fulfill your obligations as a parent, I will start to respect you .”

After continuing to share more of his thoughts with his followers, he ended his message saying: “If you don’t provide your child PERIODT with your father emotionally and financially, you can’t claim to be a father! #Respect.”

Simon shared various photos and videos of him having a good time with his children.

As we reported earlier, he is currently engaged to the star “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Polsha WilliamsHe recently divorced Falynn Pina, Falynn Pina is currently having a child with Jaylan Banks, Jaylan Banks is her best friend turned boyfriend.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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