Silento was charged with murder in Georgia in connection with the fatal shooting of his cousin (update)

TSR update: A grand jury in Georgia sued Silento, the rapper known for the popular song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” was indicted in the shooting of his cousin.

According to legal documents obtained TMZ, Silento faces four felony charges related to the fatal shooting, including one count of malicious murder and one count of felony murder.

Silento, 23, was also charged with a serious assault and gun possession during a felony.

Silento was arrested in February on suspicion of murdering his cousin, 34-year-old Frederick Rooks. The shooting occurred on the streets of DeKalb County in January. Silento’s team claims that the rapper has suffered from various mental health problems for many years.

Silento continues to be held without bail The judge rejected his bail requestIn June, stating his history of mental health problems put him too risky to the community.

According to the incident report, officials who responded to the crime scene were able to collect video from the security cameras of multiple residents. These videos show that several cars fled the scene at high speed, and at least one gunshot was shot in the video.

According to reports, 8 cartridge cases were collected at the scene.

According to the authorities, it is not yet clear what the motive of Silento’s shooting was.

This is not the first time Silento has violated the law. Silento was arrested in September 2020 for a domestic violence incident in California. He was accused of threatening others with an axe while looking for his girlfriend.

Then in late October 2020, Silento was arrested and imprisoned in DeKalb County Jail He is accused of exceeding 140 mph on I-85.

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