Shaun King shares GoFundMe receipts after being accused of stealing funds from the family

Shaun King responded to allegations of stealing funds from the families of victims of police brutality. The accuser included Samaria Rice, Tamir Rice’s mother. In June, she said on Instagram that Sean was robbing her “for [her] Son”, raised funds in Tamir’s name without her permission. About two months later, Sean released Suspected documents from GoFundMe Hope to clear his reputation.

“I bet this won’t spread,” Shaun wrote in the title of the post. “The truth will never be. It should, but people prefer lies.”

Likewise, the lie he specifically mentioned is an allegation of stealing fundraising from the family. Shaun wrote in his headline that GoFundMe allegedly searched his history on a for-profit crowdfunding platform. The survey included looking at more than 10 years of history, each email account “associated with any possible activity” and all fundraising activities he shared with social. The deep dive investigation issued an official statement.

“Mr. King did not organize fundraising activities on GoFundMe,” GoFundMe said in the letter. “Mr. King is not a beneficiary of GoFundMe. Mr. King did not withdraw any funds on GoFundMe.”

Sean published an episode of his podcast “The Crash with Sean King” in June.He talks to Samaria Rice in detail in the episode description and Samaria Not for it.

“Why do you think it is so important to tell people that we had a conversation,” Samaria wrote in a mountain of Instagram posts. “Well, we talked about it and I heard that you raised extra money. Everything I said was very harmful and made me feel uncomfortable.”

She also accused him of being a “white man playing black” and could not be “trusted”. Her comments quickly made Sean’s name a hot spot on social media.The next day, the militants Fight back at Samaria By sharing the testimony of a third party on Twitter, the third party stated that she witnessed the interaction between Shaun and Samaria. The woman next to Nicole said that Sean was “sweet from beginning to end.”

Nicole wrote: “In terms of God, from the beginning to the end of the call, Sean King has great respect for Samaria Rice and her staff.” “He listens more than he says. But when he speaks, he doesn’t even Say a word that others would consider harsh or poisonous. Nothing.”

Soon after, the Internet opened up Sean again.he is Accused of forging Nicole’s account As another way to clear his name. Self-proclaimed social media investigators noticed that after Shaun shared the post, the Twitter account disappeared. They raised their suspicions by pointing to the account’s profile picture, which showed a late Ohio rapper named Boog the Bandit. They also noticed similarities between Sean’s way of speaking and the tweets in the thread.

Shawn wrote under his GoFundMe post: “When I was with my family, someone really interrupted my speech and even stopped me on the street because I stole funds from GoFundMe.” “I received it. Death threats because someone confronted me about this. It never happened. Stealing a penny from a family would constitute a state and federal crime.”

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