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Britney Spears is engaged to her long-term BF! The pop star showed off her gorgeous diamond ring to Instagram when posting with Sam Asghari.

Britney Spears, 39, to be a bride again!this Oops i did it again The singer revealed that she has been engaged to her boyfriend who has been dating for nearly five years Sam AsgariPosted on Instagram on the 27th, Sunday, September 12th. Britney posted a video of her posing with Sam to flash her circular cut ring for the camera. She looked at the moon, gushing out quietly, smiling beside her handsome boyfriend.

“Look, do you like it?” Sam asked her towards the end of the video, and Britney gushed: “Yes!” Before the audio was interrupted. The Louisiana native also expressed her excitement in her Instagram caption and wrote: “I can’t believe the fuck!!!” Accompanied by a series of engagement ring emojis and heartfelt voices. Hollywood life Britney’s representative has been contacted for comment.

The big news is speculation that Sam-who started dating Britney Spears after meeting in her “Sleep Party” party music video in 2016-will ask this question after he is discovered Cartier in Beverly Hills On September 2nd, the model wore classic navy blue sportswear and sneakers and looked closely at various ring boxes, and seemed to be looking for the perfect one.

It is unclear whether he made a purchase that day, but after a period of time, rumors continue to circulate The ring photo appeared on his Instagram account Then it disappeared on Friday, September 10. This stunning ring-which seems to be the same as the ring Britney wears in her video-is inscribed with the word “lioness”. In recent months, Sam has released images related to the lion to mention his heroine, who has been battling her legal supervision for months. After the photo was deleted, Sam claimed that he was “hacked” and the photo was “retouched”. He said: “Calm down everyone!”

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