Sha’Carri Richardson says she likes to support successful women “whatever the banner is”

On Saturday, Sha’Carri Richardson returned to the track to participate in the Prefontaine Classic Women’s 100M race. Although she was last in the race, a lot of attention was focused on her post-match. Soon after the game, she accepted a compelling interview. However, she went on to conduct another interview, where she expressed her love to the ladies she was competing with.

In the press area, Sha’Carri talked to more reporters and made it clear that she supports all women, no matter what banner they represent. She said: “In the final analysis, there are no excuses, no. It’s time to go back to the lab and do what I need to do. Congratulations to the women who won. I love women, no matter what flag it is, no matter what brand you wear. I like success. Women, I hope they will continue to be as successful as they are and continue to thrive in their careers…but I will definitely thrive, and I will definitely continue to show the world why I am that girl.”

Sha’Carri also talked about the importance of having confidence in yourself despite setbacks, and said: “Only with this kind of confidence can you believe in yourself, and then you can expect others to believe in you. So you have to have that kind of confidence in you. Confident and strong, which means because the world can be a dirty place. So, if you step into this world, if you don’t know that the world is not all peaches and cream, then the world will find you.”

The reporter who captured this moment, Andrew Haubner, also pointed out that she apologized for being interviewed by NBC when she first left the track. He said, “She took responsibility and apologized for her post-match interview on NBC.”

As we are Before In an interview, she said to critics: “You know my abilities. If you want to count me. Feel free to say whatever you want, because I will stay. I haven’t finished. I am the sixth fastest in this game. Woman, forever! No one can take it from me. Congratulations to the winners. Congratulations to the winners, but they haven’t seen me yet.”

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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