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Scott Disick and Amelia Hamlin broke up only one day, but the self-proclaimed Lord Disick hopes to work with the model again.

Scott Disco It was reported that he and Amelia Hamlin Split. Runway model, 20, Tell it to quit On September 7, her relationship with the 38-year-old founder of Talentless.Their one-year relationship Lisa Linna‘S daughter found the dark DM that Scott sent him Eunice Benjima Mentioning his predecessor, Courtney Kardashian.

“Scott thinks his relationship with Amelia is over temporarily, but he also thinks it won’t end forever,” a close Flip it like Disick Star tells Hollywood life only. “He often passes Break up several times Before the official release, he felt that he and Amelia still had some unfinished things, so in Scott’s view, the situation is in a holding mode, and he expects there is still a chance to fix it and continue the season as we approach the holidays. So, in Scott’s opinion, there is still a pulse. “

On September 7, Amelia Hamlin said that her relationship with Scott Disick was withdrawn (MEGA)

“Scott has a huge self, and every recent relationship he has Break up many times And cosmetics. In his eyes, he felt that he still had a chance to make it work again. Whether this will happen or not obviously depends on Amelia’s feelings, but Scott’s feeling is that he will find her back, and no one can tell him in a different way. “

In October 2020, the two predecessors established a romantic relationship for the first time after they both participated Kendall JennerHost a Halloween-themed 25th birthday party together in Los Angeles. Just a few weeks later, Scott and Amelia both shared photos of a romantic dinner date in Montecito, California.The two seemed to be very strong until Younis leaked Scott’s private message To his IG story.

Scott Disick Amelia Hamlin split reaction
After the DM that Scott sent to Younes Bendjima was shared on his IG Stories, Amelia broke up with the reality star (Jean-Marc HAEDRICH/SIPA/Shutterstock)

“Amelia and Scott’s last straw is obviously Scott’s message to Eunice about Courtney,” one approached Brunette beauty Tell Hollywood lifeHowever, the matter between them is already in trouble, no matter what Scott’s DM is, this breakup will come at some point. This relationship has just ended, and Amelia is already considering breaking up with him, and the whole situation is revealed in the public eye.

“But when Amelia found out about DM, she knew it was time to give up. Now, she doesn’t have any hope of reconciliation… Amelia actually just canceled the matter with Scott, so she didn’t have the mentality of recombination. She enjoys her time with her friends Looking forward to New York Fashion Week. “

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