Scott Disick allegedly sent Courtney Kardashian’s predecessor information about her and her boyfriend Travis Barker’s PDA (picture inside)

In Chile, it looks like Scott Disco might still be concerned about his child’s mother Courtney Kardashian, who allegedly feels disgusted with how she showed her love for the new man.

Scott Disick was blown up by Kourtney’s ex-boyfriend, Younes Bendjima (everyone), when Younes shared a message allegedly from Scott that contained a photo of Kourtney, her current bae, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.

Courtney was spotted by the paparazzi on a small inflatable boat in Italy, riding on Travis.

Scott enters, and on the surface, he seems to be trying to join forces with Younis to join his anti-Travis Barker movement.

The message read: “Oh, is this chick okay!????? Broooo likes what this is. In central Italy,” it looked like they wanted Younis to gossip about their former girl.

But after Courtney and Scott broke up, Eunice dated Courtney intermittently for about three years, but he didn’t.

Instead of killing Kourtney with Scott, Younes decided to shut it down quickly.

“As long as she is happy, I don’t care,” Younis replied. “PS: I’m not your brother.”

Yunes went a step further, sharing the so-called information on his Instagram story, showing Scott’s questions along with the information, “openly and privately, keep the same energy you have for me.”

Younes also wrote a separate message and shared his IG story.

“Can’t miss this. He played for too long, [tried] Keep quiet and be a good person,” Younis wrote. “Now I will return to work 10 kilometers. “

Although Courtney has not solved the problem, Travis Barker continued to deal with her weight and only released the laughter from the movie “The Good Guy.”

Wow! If Kourtney speaks on this, we will notify you in time, but she has been booed to live her best life with Travis, and if she doesn’t do this, we won’t blame her.

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