Saweetie hinted that she didn’t believe in giving gifts after breaking up

TSR Great Debatez: In addition to all the emotions after the breakup, one of the hardest things is to get your things back. Now, what is considered part of the “thing” is the problem, and the “gift” is the theme.

Saweetie commented on this in a recent interview complicated. When discussing the etiquette of breaking up, the interviewer asked Saweetie whether he should give back gifts from his ex after breaking up.

“I mean… if it’s mine, it’s mine,” Saweetie replied.

The interviewer pointed out in the article that Saweetie was shaking the mint green Birkin bag given to her by her predecessor Quavo.

I already know the answer to this question, because mint green The Birkin bag Quavo bought for her Sit among us,” the article read.

Considering the drama that takes place (somewhat) behind the scenes and then staged on social media, gifts in this high-profile relationship are a recent topic.

When they were together, Quavo was known for giving gifts to his cold queen, including cars and bags.

After breaking up, Quavo put some energy into his music He also hinted that he sent a repurchaser to Saweetie’s garage to snatch the ice blue Bentley he customized for her in the song “Having Our Way”.

In addition to the music chorus, after a leaked old video showed the two having a physical conflict in some type of elevator corner, the consequences of the two’s breakup intensified.

After both parties accused of domestic violence, Saweetie and Quavo both issued statements saying that the incident had passed and they had passed together.

Although the rapper seems to be trying to move on, we hope that Quavo will not wait for them to return gifts.

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