Safaree says marriage “makes everything more serious than it must be”

Safaree Samuels showed his fans a different side from the past.The stuntman usually jokes and spreads love, but recently his relationship with his separated wife has been turbulent Erica Mena Let him sing a completely different tune.

Erica recently filed for divorce with Safari after the two announced that they would expect their second child together, and after the birth of their baby boy, their relationship problems seemed to worsen. As we previously reported, although Safaree and Erica’s sons lived in the neonatal intensive care unit for 10 days after their birth, Safaree lived his best life in Jamaica, and he seemed to have changed his view of marriage.

Safaree recently sat down with Yung Joc in Atlanta at 94.5 to discuss his Jamaican birthday trip, his upcoming business activities and the current state of his family. Despite proposing to Erica, Safare told Jock that the marriage was too serious.

“I think marriage will only make everything more technical,” he said. “It’s true. I think when you live like a boyfriend and a girlfriend, you really talk like an adult. I know this may sound naive and immature, but like marriage, I just think it makes everything change. It’s more serious than it needs to be.”

Safaree and Erica celebrated their first anniversary in October and have since expressed their marriage problems. Safaree even said on Twitter that getting married is one of his biggest mistakes. When talking to Joc, he said that social media makes it more difficult to become a married couple.

“And I know some people will say,’Oh, I’ve been married for 20, 30 years.’ It’s cool, great, you all are like this,” he said. “We are now living in a different era, especially in this era of social media, where people let it really affect their daily work. This is different, especially in the eyes of the public.”

Safaree and Erica are currently vying for custody rights as they completed their divorce.

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