Safaree blasted the “Deadbeat” comment after posting a video with the kids

Despite the recent turbulence in the season of “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta”, Safari is trying to shut down any narrative that implies that he is not in a child’s life.

In the process of his public divorce from his wife Erica Mena – the latter accused him of gathering and sleeping with other women while their newborn son Legend was in the neonatal intensive care unit – Safaree is letting people know that he is still in his child’s in life.

On Monday, the father of two lashed out at fans after posting a video of him napping with the children on his Instagram story.

Given his current relationship with his separated wife, these videos did not stop people from calling him “Deadpool.”

Safaree heard what people were saying and lashed out in a Twitter rant, claiming that he was “always there” with his children.

“I’m tired of this false narrative, as if I’m a god of death. I don’t want to be treated for being with my child, but don’t act as if I’m not with my child because you’re not watching Here,” he said. “My kids live in a mansion, it’s because of me! I’ve always been by their side!”

He continued, “I don’t need or want sympathy from anyone, but you want to know how my relationship with my children is just to know that they are heading towards a beautiful childhood. If you want, you all believe in this TV show. , But many of you don’t have common sense, so I understand, but damn it.”

Safari clearly agrees with what happened in LHHATL last season, and he also talked about his Reaction to discovering that Erica is pregnant Related to their second child people who believe he doesn’t know she is expecting.

Safaree’s rant came the day after Erica posted a photo of their son sleeping with a message, “There is a real man in my bed.”

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