Run back! Kanye West almost doubled his previous record, and the second “DONDA” listening event reportedly attracted 5.4 million viewers

#Roommates, despite the release date of his 10day The album “DONDA” is still a mystery. Kanye West Is breaking records and making history-because his millions of fans continue to follow everything he does. According to the latest report, Kanye West broke the record he set on Apple Music two weeks ago and is now the most watched live broadcast ever, with 5.4 million viewers watching his second “DONDA” monitoring event.

If you remember, two weeks ago, Kanye West Made headlines The first “DONDA” listening event held at the Atlanta Mercedes-Benz Stadium on July 22 attracted 3.3 million spectatorsnd, Making it the most watched Apple Music live broadcast ever. Well, it seems that the only person who can surpass Kanye is his own conclusion based on the new report. According to @Billboard, Kanye’s second “DONDA” listening event held last week was obviously almost twice as much as his previous viewing record, because his fans were attracted by his extravagant performance-the second time Kanye Attained 5.4 million viewers. This means that a total of 8.7 million people around the world watched what Ye was doing!

But that’s not all. The report also shows that Kanye received $7 million in revenue from the field sales of his “DONDA” merchandise. Obviously, his fans not only come to listen to the music of his unreleased album, but also bring countless coins to buy his goods. In addition, the “Beats” commercial starring Sha’Carri Richardson, which included Kanye’s new song “No Child Left behind”, is said to have received more than 35 million views since it was released nearly a month ago.

At the same time, people’s waiting for “DONDA” continues as fans are increasingly frustrated with the expected and missed release date-although Kanye himself has never really confirmed when the project will be released.

Will he release the album before the end of the month or will it be longer? No one really knows, but no matter what, his fans will obviously remain loyal.

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