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Even after he left the Netflix series in frustration and shock, the Duke of Hastings himself seems to be teasing what might happen to him in a new interview.

Bridgetown Fans may get a surprise in the second season of the Netflix series.Rear Regé-Jean Page’s Announcing him disappointingly Won’t come back In the April show, the 31-year-old actor acted cool when asked about possible cameos of his character Simon Bassett in an interview on September 1. U.K GQ. He is cheeky, but he will not reveal whether fans can expect to see him in season 2.

The 31-year-old Regé-Jean joked that it might appear in the second season of “Bridgerton”. (Liam Daniel/NETFLIX)

When to reflect Heavy news He was leaving the show, and the interviewer asked Ray Heat if he would make one Guests appear. “You know I can’t tell you,” he said, and when he was asked more, he gave a clever answer. “Is it wonderful to be surprised by things you don’t doubt?”

Although he did not directly answer whether he would return to the show, Regé-Jean did reveal that he would no longer participate in the show’s group chat. “The universe has expanded. So I am no longer involved in it,” he explained. “I withdrew respectfully. I don’t want them to be embarrassed. Have Kick me out. “

Regé-Jean stole the hearts of fans as the Duke of Hastings. (Liam Daniel/NETFLIX)

After Regé-Jean announced his departure in April, fans were heartbroken to see his departure!Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian Show that they are very sad, he will not appear in the second season. Kim wrote that she was “not good” After the announcement. Before the season 2 premiere, which is expected to take place in January, some people on the show talked about the possibility of the Duke of Hastings reappearing.Producer Sanda Remus Explain that the stretching of Simon and Daphne (by Phoebe Danivo) The love story goes further. “I’m very happy to be able to tell a complete romantic story with an ending, where you can’t find other 14 reasons why the couple can’t be together, or frankly let Regé stand in someone’s background romantically. It’s meaningless. She told Hollywood report in May. Phoebe also stated that she wants Simon to be “Mentioned a lot“In an interview in June throughout the season pack.

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