Ravencox reveals she “never” doesn’t want to be a parent

Parenting is one of the most valuable “titles.” According to Laverne Cox, parenting is “the most important job on earth.” Despite these advantages, Laverne recently stated that she has no interest in playing this role in life.

The actress sent a celebratory message to the recent parents in her life on her Instagram account and revealed that she would never want to be a parent.

“I have seen many friends and colleagues become parents. I am happy for all of you,” she wrote. “I even feel happy for myself, ecstatic, even if I will never be a parent, never will. This idea brings me a lot of happiness!”

She went on to say that she wanted to focus on recreating a better childhood for herself, even though she enjoyed watching her loved ones become parents.

“Enjoy the most important job on earth and raise children. I enjoy seeing you from a distance,” she wrote. “I’m doing the job of re-raising my inner child. This is more than enough.”

Laverne has always been very candid about her childhood and the work she has done to overcome the difficulties she faced. When talking to Zac Posen in 2018, she said that the biggest challenge she faces as an adult is to truly embrace herself.

She said: “I think many things have been out of my own way.” “Overcoming all the doubts that I had in my mind. Internalized the voices of many bullies, they said I could never do this or that, right I am very, very strict, and in the process, the light I have always had dimmed.”

Although Laverne said that she does not want to have her own children, we hope that everything goes well for her in this journey of cultivating her inner child.

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