Raquel Palmer played the leading role in the new Taylor Perry series two years after buying a billboard to get his attention

If “anything is necessary” is a person, it must be actress Raquel Palmer! As early as 2019, Racquel became popular after buying a billboard with a message to Tyler Perry written on it.Although Perry initially shared a photo of a billboard, saying it was “not obtained [his] Attention”, it seems that her creativity and perseverance are beneficial to her.

Raquel recently revealed TMZ She officially takes the lead role in Tyler Perry’s upcoming series “All Queen’s Men”, which tells the life of a male strip club owner and her loyal security guard. You may have seen Racquel’s face in another TP show called “Sista’s”, but according to Racquel, she and Taylor never talked about the iconic billboard.

“As far as the director is concerned, there is a lot of interaction with him,” she said. “But we never talked about billboards. It’s just the relationship between actors and directors. So it’s as if it never happened.”

Perry’s initial reaction urged people to save money because billboards were very expensive and encouraged promising actors and actresses to audition for free. Although billboards may have played a role in advancing Racquel’s career, she said that she wants to be known for what she brings to the big screen, rather than viral “gimmicks.”

“One thing I did learn is that I want to be known for my talents, not my tactics,” she said. “I think not everyone really understands the full meaning of billboards. I want to show my children that I will not give up my dream. I am at the time I want it, but I don’t want them to see that I give up. .”

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