Rapper Jackboy wants to build a hospital in Haiti after a magnitude 7.2 earthquake

Haiti is facing a long road to recovery 7.2 magnitude earthquake This happened nearly three weeks ago and caused more than 1,900 deaths. Jackboy hopes to assist the recovery process by building a new hospital on the island.

The rapper recently shared insights about this goal on his official Instagram account. Apparently, he went to Haiti and witnessed the devastating effects of the earthquake, including the few hospitals that were still overcrowded.

“I just walked through a hospital in Haiti, and all the patients were sleeping outside,” Jack Boye wrote in his Instagram story. “I personally handed an envelope full of money to the last of them, but I don’t think this is enough.”

Then, he made a proposal, asking who would like to “quit halfway” and “build a hospital” with him. He clarified that if US dollars were used, the cost would not be “so much.”According to reports, 1 U.S. dollar can be exchanged for about 97 Haitian Gourdes, according to reports Data from Morningstar Currency And Coinbase for cryptocurrency.

While making the request, he also shared videos of Haitians and islands taken from a moving vehicle.

Jackboy, whose real name is Pierre Delins, was actually born in Haiti and moved to Florida when he was six years old.According to the Miami New Times, his family Bounce around the city In Florida before settling in Pompano Beach.

There are different opinions about the rapper’s current status on Kodak Black’s label Sniper Gang.This pair grew up since childhood Best friend in the same community And openly expressed their love and support for each other. However, in the past few months, they have gotten into trouble due to social media’s snubs and appeals.Last weekend, Jack Boy and Kodak Exchanged some words Live on Instagram. The interaction ended with Jackboy kicking Kodak out of the live broadcast, and then continued to talk about Kodak’s character and history.

In addition to the Haitian video and hospital funding requests, Jack Boye also challenged the future to assist the bill. He tagged the rap star in another Instagram Story post and said, “Use half of this money and let’s build this hospital.” Jackboy was referring to Future will be on September 3rd. Haitian charity concert in Miami. It is unclear whether Future received Jackboy’s request.

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