President Biden defended the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan

In the past few days, pictures and videos representing the status quo in Afghanistan have continued to emerge on social media. As widely reported, nearly 20 years after the U.S. forces expelled the Taliban, the Taliban regained control of the country. The devastating results include deadly attempts, such as locals in Afghanistan fleeing the country by clutching a moving US military plane. Nevertheless, on Monday afternoon, President Joe Biden Defend his decision to continue withdrawing troops from the war-torn country.

“I firmly support my decision. Twenty years later, I learned with difficulty that it has never been a good time to withdraw troops,” said President Biden. “That’s why we are still there. We are clear about the risks. We plan for every accident. But I have always assured the American people that I will be honest with you. The truth is, this is indeed better than us. Expected to be much faster.”

President Biden was referring to the collapse of the Afghan government and armed forces. According to CNN, Intelligence report confirmed Last month, it may take weeks or months after the United States left the capital, Kabul. However, when the Taliban occupied the capital on Sunday, these reports proved to be wrong.

In his speech, Biden attributed part of the blame to the Afghan leader and its armed forces. The President shared that the Afghan leader did not accept the proposal made earlier this summer. According to reports, the focus of the “frank dialogue” is to fight a civil war after the withdrawal of US troops, eliminate government corruption, political unity, and diplomacy with the Taliban in order to seek a “political solution.” However, Afghan officials reportedly refused.

“Afghan political leaders gave up and fled the country,” Biden said. “The Afghan army collapsed, sometimes without even trying to fight. If anything, the developments of the past week have further demonstrated that it is the right decision to end US military involvement in Afghanistan now.

President Biden also shared that they have warned the Taliban not to attack American personnel or interfere with operations. Before continuing to withdraw from the country, the military is currently focused on ensuring the safety of American personnel, allies, and Afghans who are eligible for special immigrant visas.

Biden said: “I cannot and will not ask our army to fight endlessly in another country’s civil war, causing casualties, suffering fatal injuries, and leaving families broken with grief and loss.” “This is not in line with us. The national security interests of the United States. This is not what the American people want. This is not what we deserve for the sacrifice of so many troops in the past two decades.”

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