Portland woman making PowerPoint presentation to reveal to her parents that she is a stripper

#Roommates, you may remember that when you were in college, you needed to use PowerPoint presentations for detailed homework! Well, a young woman from Portland, Oregon decided to create one for a very different reason.After bringing her parents together, the lady set up a complete PowerPoint presentation to reveal her secret occupation to her parents…her job is Striptease.

@NYPost report, provided by the now viral TikTok clip, decided by a woman named Lex from Portland, Oregon Announce news Her parents thought that undressing was her chosen career, which was explained by making a complete PowerPoint presentation. She first told her parents, “Today I will reveal a secret to you. Any guesses you have, you will be wrong. I tell you only because I want the person I love and trust the most to know what happened in my life and enjoy Share the joy of my journey with you.”

Just before she revealed the secret (with visual slideshow), Lex tried to assure her parents “what does this secret mean: I’m very talented, I’m cool, I’m strong.” This secret doesn’t mean: I’m pregnant Or in danger. Once she finished filling in her safety, she blurted out: “I’m a stripper!” Just like I dance pole dancing in a strip club, I like it! “

Perhaps it was because her parents wanted to ask her why she chose a stripper. Lex explained that self-expression was one of the main factors. “First, you might think,’Why? What’s the point?’ Well, this is a sexually positive environment where I can express myself safely. This is a performance…if you want.”

She went on to add: “How do I stay safe? You see, it’s completely anonymous in this club environment. [The] The culture of the Portland Strip Club is very sexual and very safe. “

In response, her mother told Lex: “I really appreciate your frankness and sharing your life with us. I’m glad you are strong.”

The video was shot and uploaded by her sister Sammy.

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