Planned Parenthood issued a restraining order against Texas anti-abortion organizations to prevent them from suing state abortion providers and health care workers

#Roommates, the extreme impact of the recent passing of the highly controversial Texas abortion ban continues, but the organization that supports life family planning As the battle progressed, victory was just announced. According to new reports, Planned Parenthood obtained a restraining order against local anti-abortion organizations in Texas to prevent them from prosecuting those who assisted in abortion.

Since Texas is still the topic of conversation, because it Recently passed by In the highly restrictive abortion ban, the state’s family planning organization still won a small victory in the court to fight the ban. @ABCNews reported that Planned Parenthood received a temporary restraining order against the anti-abortion organization Texas Right To Life and its colleagues. According to the restraining order, Texas’s right to life is prohibited from filing lawsuits against family planning abortion providers and health care workers—both of them are protected by Senate Bill 8.

However, although Senate Bill No. 8 prohibits Texas officials from enforcing abortion bans through litigation, ordinary citizens are still legally allowed to initiate civil actions against anyone who “helps or abets” an abortion. The restraining order document stated that Texas’s right to life’s attempt to “threat the implementation of the six-week ban and its implementation plan, as well as SB 8’s cost transfer clause, will cause imminent and irreparable harm to family planning providers and workers”.

Speaking of the officially granted restraining order, Helen Krasnoff, the vice president in charge of public policy litigation and legal affairs for family planning, said: “We are gratified that the Travis County District Court quickly adopted Action against the right to life in Texas and anyone who works with them as a proxy enforcer of this stringent law.”

As we reported earlier this week, Texas recently passed one of the strictest anti-abortion bans in modern history. The matter about the ban has become so intense that President Biden vowed to use his power to find out how the Supreme Court allowed the ban to be maintained after it had been rejected.

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