People react to the rumored relationship between Adele and LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul

TSR Reactionz: Adele looks good on the outside these days, but like fans are asking about new albums, it seems that people also want to know her potential newcomers.

Recently, she was spotted on the sidelines in Game 5 of the NBA Finals series between the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks.

When everyone was peeking at Adele’s flies, others also noticed that she was sitting next to NBA agent Rich Paul, who happened to be LeBron James’ agent.

Although it is obviously not uncommon for celebrities to participate in the NBA Finals, people can’t help but notice that Adele seems very talkative and comfortable next to Rich Paul.

People on social media talked about the rumored relationship, although neither party confirmed the rumored relationship.

Nonetheless, this has not stopped people from talking about it. Check out the following post to find out what people think about Adele and Rich Paul this weekend:

The last time we learned about Adele’s love life was at the end of 2019, it is rumored that she is Dating British Rapper Skepta, And divorced her husband for less than a year.

After starting dating in 2011, Adele broke up with her husband Simon Cornech in April 2019, and formally filed for divorce later that year.

A source told The Sun: “Adele and Skepta have been by each other since their relationship broke up. They have a close connection, and there must be a special connection…the time they were together More and more. Some of their friends hope and predict that they will become a good couple one day.”

Adele’s performance in the game is different from what we know from her songs. Although the rumors have not been confirmed, will you come for Adele and Rich Paul?

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