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Wearing a black bikini and body oil with golden spots, Paulina Porizkova was stunned as she reflected on the imperfections of the celebration: “Body humiliation has been the case for the past ten years.”

allow Paulina Polizkova Provide a reason for body oils with golden spots. The 56-year-old model shared a new photo of herself on Instagram wearing a two-piece black bikini with Laura Geller Beauty golden spot body oil on Instagram. She also reflected on physical defects and declared that physical humiliation “is the reason for the past ten years.”

“Since my recent work in Los Angeles, I applied Laura Geller golden spot body oil. @lauragellerbeauty,” she captioned the post. “My daughter-in-law, Colleen @colleenotcasek, came to visit the set and took this photo by the very charming grill-it was not part of the photo shoot.”

“For those who want to tell me to eat burgers, I would love to tell you not to eat one,” the model continued. “But not. Body humiliation has been the case for the past ten years. Let us celebrate who we are, wrinkles and imperfections, etc.” Paulina used the label: “Between Luo with Betty White“And “Sexy have no shelf life. “

The sexy snapshot was released after the model took nude photos for the September issue Los Angeles Magazine. In the subsequent interview, Paulina reflects on Hollywood’s ageism And, as in her various frank Instagram posts, talk about embracing old age. She considered sharing unfiltered images, without makeup, clothes, etc.

“Most reactions are very positive, but negative reactions are very mean,” she told the magazine. “They’re like,’You’re so desperate,’ or’It’s time to retire, Grandma.’ But I looked at pictures of myself without makeup or clothes, and I just thought,’Hey, my age looks good.’ “

Pauline Proudly shared the stripped cover In mid-August, on her Instagram, she called on followers who felt uncomfortable with older women celebrating their bodies to click the unfollow button. “I am proud to be the cover and part of the Los Angeles magazine on the issue of age discrimination,” she wrote. “We have done a better job celebrating beauty in many different sizes and colors, but age still needs to be overcome. ”

She added: “For those who have opinions about older women celebrating her body and age, there is an unfollow button. Don’t be arrogant by showing us that you don’t know how to use it.”

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