Parker McKenna Posey opens up to study after becoming a mother

Roommates, we recently reported that Parker McKenna Posey is the new mother of a baby girl named Harley.The actress keeps her pregnancy secret Announced On Instagram in May. Like most new mothers, Parker seems to have had a moment to adjust to his new life. On Thursday, the actress shared details about restoring her confidence after giving birth on Instagram.

Parker shared that before heading to Miami, she said that “Wearing anyone’s damn swimsuit. She found that while she “cannot feel” herself, she was also comparing herself with others. Parker also shared that she had only experienced this feeling once in her life. However, at this moment Help her reflect on the freshness of being a parent.

“This is new to me… and then I realized that it was!!! It was all new to me,” Parker wrote in a lengthy headline. “I’m a new mother. In a brand new space! A working mother. A terrible sex woman!!!”

She went on to talk about learning about herself and developing self-love.

I must relearn my body and learn to love this new woman I have become,” Parker wrote. “I recently read that self-love is not a destination, but a journey! ! ! ! ! ! “

Parker posted five photos with insightful captions. In this photo, she is wearing a multi-print one-piece swimsuit. Someone saw her posing in what appeared to be the entrance of the bathroom. Her hair is long blonde and dark brown.

Parker also expressed gratitude for her body and the journey she experienced.

“What I know is that this body naturally gave birth to an 8 1/2 pound baby,” Parker wrote. “I am very grateful for it, and also for all the shapes and sizes that I have ever had… These can’t erase the fact that I am a *** s ***!!!”

Friday, Parker Posted a follow-up To her initial news. This new post seems to be aimed at people who allegedly criticized the actress’ figure in swimsuit photos.

“I am definitely not for praise,” Parker wrote. “But more importantly, when I share my journey, I never want to hurt anyone… For me, how many people tell me “how good I look” doesn’t matter, it matters It’s how I feel about myself.”

Parker also shared that she feels love and happiness from her motherhood every day, but these feelings have not disappeared from “Parker First”. In addition, she also talked about the changes in the body during and after pregnancy.

“…Although you may not be able to see what I see or understand my feelings through pictures, videos, filters and boomerangs…this is my truth,” Parker wrote. “Because of this kind of ***, I seldom be super open on IG. But I want to be transparent and let you know that we all have a sense of insecurity. No matter how it looks on IG, no one is perfect, and there is no 24 -7 perfect.

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