Pamela Uba is the first black woman to win the Miss Ireland crown in the 74-year history of the beauty contest!

TSR We Global: Black women have won victory on a global scale-the last time was in Ireland, a gorgeous sister just crowned Miss Ireland in the 74-year history of the beauty contest!

However, Pamela Uba is more than just a pretty face, dear! According to reports, the 26-year-old contestant participated in the competition as Miss Galway, a model and a medical scientist. Insider. According to the press release of the beauty contest, she broke the barrier and became the first black woman to be crowned Miss Ireland since the event was founded in 1947.

During the pandemic, Uba also served as a frontline staff member at Galway University Hospital.

“It’s like a dream come true. Words can’t even describe how I feel now or the week before the final,” Uba recently wrote on her Instagram photo of her debut Miss Ireland 2021 belt. Emerald crown.

“It is a great honor to meet so many extraordinary young women in the competition, and to fight alongside them, and to experience this unique journey,” she continued.

In the press release, Miss Ireland Director Brendan Marc Scully called Uba “a joy from the beginning” and said that she “will devote herself wholeheartedly to the journey of Miss Ireland”.

“She won the most Miss Ireland Challenges in the Debate Challenge and Sports Challenge. She also performed well in the Talent Challenge and Charity Challenge,” Sculley said.

According to the press release, Uba is South African and moved to Ireland when he was 8 years old. At that time, she and her family came to Ireland to seek asylum from Johannesburg.

In an interview with The Irish Times, Uba said: “This means a lot to me. I am grateful that I can show the girls that color is not something that hinders you. No matter where you are from, the world is your oyster. “

After winning, Uba will continue to represent Ireland in the 70th Miss World pageant held in Puerto Rico in December this year.

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