Our contestants are paired with sexy male models to see which couple has the most shot chemistry in episode 3 of “The Thick House”!


Roommates, so far, our beautiful, curvy ladies are in their “Atsushi‘Journey-but now, they must show that they are capable of sharing the spotlight with some sexy male models. This week, the contestants must prove that they know how to show the chemical reactions on the face and the camera in a few photos, which will determine who will stay and who will leave the “Thick House!”

With sports as the background,’Atsushi‘Ladies need to show up and show in the theme photos to immediately convey the atmosphere of “love and basketball”. Matching with a few male models will make them shine and bring the ladies to the next level-this shooting has officially increased the risk of the competition so far.

Although some women manage to keep the center of attention despite being paired with thirsty male models, other women are unable to divert attention and concentrate on them. Guess who ended up shortening the time in the “Thick House”?

You have to listen to this week’s episode to know what will happen! Take a break, relax, and prepare snacks for the third episode. Be sure to watch the latest episodes every Sunday at 4pm PST, and cheer for our beautiful contestants!

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