OnlyFans will block pornographic content from October 1st

As people all over the world are looking for new sources of income, the UK-based company OnlyFans soared during the pandemic. Although the original purpose of the platform was to allow users to create purchased exclusive content, it quickly became a popular way of acquiring packages with adult content, and that era seems to be coming to an end.

As we previously reported, OnlyFans announced that the company is looking for funding to get rid of adult content.according to Bloomberg, OF will start searching for adult content on the site and block any content deemed to be sexually explicit.

“In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform and continue to have an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must improve our content guidelines,” OnlyFans said.

Although the site will still allow users to nude photos and videos on the top part, adult content must comply with the platform’s new guidelines in order to remain active on the site. Many of the most popular creators of the site have published adult content, and the platform is praised for creating safe working spaces for sex workers. Therefore, the company announced its commitment to serving all users.

The company said: “We are still committed to our community, which has 130 million users and more than 2 million content creators who have made $5 billion on our platform.” “We will actively support and guide our creators. Through this change.”

Bloomberg reported that this change followed as OnlyFans sought new funding to help the platform become a mainstream media company. According to reports, supporters hope to invest more than $1 billion in this work.

There are few details about the new guidelines, but OnlyFans said it will learn more about these changes in the coming days.

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