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Olympic gymnast Simone Biles attended the 2021 Music Video Awards ceremony in a pink dress with high slits.

Olympic gold medalist Simone ByersThe 24-year-old looked very charming when she played in 2021 MTV Music Video Awards Wearing a soft pink dress. The world-famous gymnast was stunned in a high-slit one-shoulder fitted gown. “I’m more nervous than during the game,” Simone revealed on the red carpet. “I am out of my element.”

Simone Byers is on the red carpet. Photo: Baron Matt/Shutterstock

Her appearance at the awards ceremony marked Simone’s second participation in the annual event.She appeared in the 2016 show with other gymnasts for the last time Ali Lesman, Madison Corsian with Laurie HernandezAlthough she looks amazing, the athlete has previously revealed that she is committed to breaking beauty standards.

In February 2020, Simone revealed on Instagram: “I am tired of everything in life becoming competition, so I stand up for myself and other people who have experienced the same.” “Today, I said I was a When others feel that their expectations have not been met, they have completed the toxic culture of competing with beauty standards and trolling, because no one should tell you or me what beauty should or shouldn’t be like.”

Simone Biles is wearing a pink dress. Photo: Baron Matt/Shutterstock

The Ohio native recently celebrated her first anniversary with her NFL boyfriend Jonathan Owens. When talking with each other Wall Street Journal July 2021, The gymnast explained that they met afterwards She slipped into his private message on Instagram. “He would say I slipped into his private message. I saw him and I thought,’Oh, he is cute,’ so I said hello.” She said. “Then I saw him in the Houston area, so we started talking, and then we went out to play in a week or two.

Jonathan previously revealed Know each other during The early days of COVID strengthened their ties. “We ended up hanging out before the pandemic,” Jonathan told Texas Monthly In June. “This is one of the few situations in her life where everything is shut down and she can’t do anything. So we use it to get to know each other-to truly understand each other. It creates our bonds and makes them stronger. Now I am grateful.”

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