New study lists Washington, D.C., Boston, and Atlanta as the top three cities for singles

As people say, numbers don’t lie!A study collected and processed numbers from 100 cities to find the best places for singles Match and mixAccording to the Apartment List that co-curated the study with Bumble, Washington, DC, Boston, and Atlanta are among the top three singles in 2021.

In their published results, Apartment List Provides some guarantees Those who are scarred by dating. It turns out that dating challenges may stem in part from someone’s residence.Yes, not all cities have the opportunity to enjoy fine wine, food, and food fall in love with.

“Distance is one of the main factors in finding the perfect SO for you,” Apartment List wrote on their website. “If you are ready finally Find “that”. In some cities, your odds of winning may be higher. “

To narrow the list, the housing website is paired with a dating app to check 100 cities in the United States. The study measured four categories of dating satisfaction, social satisfaction, dating affordability, and the percentage of being single. The total score for each city is the weighted average of the four individual scores. In the study, dating satisfaction accounted for 40%, while the remaining categories each accounted for 20%.

Overall, the study identified some trends among the singles evaluated. Obviously, the East Coast is the best coast to realize your romantic dreams. Six cities from the winning coast have a place in the top ten. In addition, the university town is also a top priority for singles, and 50% of the list reflects the website’s “Best Subway for University Graduates” list.

Nevertheless, the winner must be declared. Topping the list is Washington, DC, the capital of the United States. The city has a high proportion of single population because more than half of the city’s population considers single. Washington, DC is also among the best in terms of affordability, with three-course dinners and movie dates at $105.

The complete list includes in order: Washington DC., Boston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Austin, Denver, Chicago and Seattle.

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