Netflix announced “You! 》The third season release date and trailer

After the roommates waited for nearly two years, Netflix finally announced the release date and trailer for the highly anticipated season‘…It is falling much faster than you think! When we checked in with the mentally ill “Joe” in the hit drama “You” last time, he was about to become a father-and the third season will show you what a sinister parent he will be.

Get ready to catch “Joe” and his killer pranks because of the massive Popular series “You” will return on October 15day, Just in time for the eerie season and Halloween. According to the early synopsis of the third season, “Joe”‘s wife “Love” (also has a tendency to killer) will be the reason why he starts to feel trapped by her, even though they have similarities-this will lead to their marriage and The upcoming fatherhood is in danger.

In the voice-over of the “You” trailer, “Joe” can be heard talking about becoming the father of his unborn son. “Nowadays, people will give their children any name to attract attention. Although your mother’s background and your Gramma are determined to call you forty reincarnations, I know better,” he said.

He continued, “A boy is not what we expected. If I say that the idea of ​​mini-me is purely exciting and not without…challenging, then I’m lying. Let’s say it, I hope you will follow I do what I say, not what I do.”

We can’t wait to see it!

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