Mountain Dew will release a new malt version “Hard Mountain Dew” early next year

Roommate, if you love Mountain dew, Ready to accept the new version for adults only! The popular soda brand has just announced plans to release a malt called “Hard Mountain Dew”, which will be launched in the first half of 2022.

Mountain Dew officially released Join hands Collaborating with Pepsi and Boston Beer to bring consumers an alcoholic version of a popular soft drink called “Hard Mountain Dew”. Boston Beer will develop and produce this beverage, and Pepsi will sell, deliver and market this beverage, which is said to be on the shelves in early 2022.

“Hard Mountain Dew” is a flavored malt liquor with an estimated alcohol content of 5% by volume. In addition, as evidenced by the newly released product pictures, it also does not contain any sugar.

As early as October 2020, Pepsi-Cola CEO Ramon Laguarta hinted that the company would consider entering the field of alcoholic beverages-especially since long-time rival Coca-Cola has announced that it will release the alcoholic beverage Topo Chico Seltzer. At the same time, Pepsi submitted a formal trademark application in June to sell Rockstar brand beer and soda.

If you are a long-time fan of it, you may remember that PepsiCo has been trying to use the Mountain Dew name to enter new categories for years, such as energy drinks, and recently launched Mtn Dew Rise Energy earlier this year.

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