Milan Rouge said she “created a generation of wealth” after buying three properties

Milan Rouge has many new reasons to celebrate this week! The fashion designer let fans see her recent victory on Instagram. According to the Instagram post on her official account, She has already purchased 3. Mixed-use commercial properties. Although she did not disclose their purpose, Milan did release footage of signing contracts and field trips and inspiring messages.

“I’m from da Bottom (West Philadelphia), and statistics show that I will not succeed,” Milan wrote in her headline. “But the fucking statistics!! We are changing the narrative. The bottom may be where you started, but not necessarily where you stayed.”

In her first article on this achievement, Milan shared two photos, saying it was her “first time signing a contract in person [her] Investment property” because of the pandemic. The son Czar she shared with rapper Meek Mill is nestled in his mother’s arms.

In the second article, Milan shared a video of walking into one of the properties. The czar fell asleep on her shoulders, but she expressed the importance of keeping him by his side.

“Listen, we have created wealth for generations here, baby,” Milan said. “I make sure I bring him by my side so that he can see this, even if he is asleep, he is here, his presence.”

Earlier Wednesday, she posted another article that combined the revelations of all three spaces. She also said that every property is duplex. Take a look at the first glance below:

Milan describes himself as a “liar surrounded by liars” [her] lifetime. She explained that unlike those around her who acted illegally, she founded a business called Milano Di Rouge in 2012. Since then, she has used her platform to “show the hardships of running a business and building a brand. And beautiful”.

Milan said her son was her inspiration for taking real estate investment seriously. Later, she bought a mixed-use commercial building, a private residence and investment property for her mother and sister.Earlier this year, she also Genius czar A single-family investment property prepared for his first birthday.

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