Migos walked into the shady room and expressed their influence, the rapper stole their rhythm and gave up the Migos-inspired dictionary (video)

How do you spend the summer without Migos?

Roommates, you all know that Migos always provides us with good improvisations and tinnitus.From Their Jargon, fashion and overall image, this group is indeed an important complement to our culture.

You all know that whether it’s brunch or rebate, Migos will provide us with a bright soundtrack that highlights summer.

With the release of their new album “Culture 3”, Migos walked into The Shade Room and kept us engaged in their business. From people stealing their traffic to their bits and pieces, they explained why they should be included in the conversation with Rap Mountain Rushmore.

Swinging “Culture 3” jeans and their own Migos fashion, Quavo, Takeoff and Offset maintained 100 on various themes.

When asked about who should be included in the online discussion of Rap Rushmore, Offset said: “They really excluded us because we are a group. Just like “XXL Freshman” in that paragraph. We can’t be there at time because we are a group and they don’t participate in group activities. It should be a small circle with all three heads on Mount Rushmore, because we don’t have many such people.”

Quavo added, “You all have to throw us in. You are all talking about the era, and the current era is five years away. You have to throw us in.” The influence of the Atlanta band is no secret, and some people may argue. Said that many artists after them have similar performances. In our interview, Quavo explained that without mentioning Migos, one cannot talk about an era.

“This is not necessarily related to sound. When you say “sound”, people will misunderstand and think we mean sound. No, we mean your rhythm is the same. It is similar. It has some similarities. ,” Quavo said. He continued, “When you say someone looks like someone, they may not look like that person, but they like someone.”

Let us know that they must be included, he added, “I think you all just took a little seasoning and tried to make it into your pot, but you can’t eat this dish without this seasoning. .”

Migos continued to talk about being a “great black man” and provided a dictionary for their jargon. They also expressed their love for fans and roommates.

Check out the interview below, roommate. Enter it!

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