Michelle Williams responds to women’s attempts to cancel “Cater 2 U” as “Song of Slaves”

Chileeeeeee, Black Twitter did it this time! Recent conversations about women expressing their love and appreciation for their men in R&B songs have some girls talk about canceling one of the biggest retro love songs of all time, and Michelle Williams is not here at all.

A Twitter user started talking about R&B singers doing too much with their men, and the topic soon shifted to announcing that “Cater 2 U” was a song about slavery.A recent title on the subject, which reads as follows Seventeen years later, Black Twitter petitioned to cancel the song “Cater 2 U” by Destiny’s Son, because it was a “Song of Slaves”, and now women are troubled by the lyrics, Let Michelle introduce the girls how to cater to the right man.

I just read that you all want to cancel the song “Cater 2 U” by Destiny’s Son,” she said in a video posted on Instagram. “Oh dear, you don’t know who you are catering to, you gave your little pearl to the pig, don’t be angry with the son of destiny.Uh uh. “

What Michelle said, her fans are by her side! Many women come to the group to defend and criticize some of these women for choosing the type of male they can do their best.

“Cannot cancel the classics,” a fan wrote on Twitter. “Cater 2 U is still a bastard, I will treat my people like this, but only when I find the one who is worthy. Ladies need to stop being satisfied with fucking n*ggas and realize that before the right person appears It’s okay to be single.”

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