Michael Blackson proposed to his girlfriend and said he asked her to raise a chick a month (video)

Comedian Michael Blakeson officially withdrew from the market.

Michael Blakeson posed this question to his girlfriend, Miss Lada, during an appearance at the “Breakfast Club” on Thursday.

When Charlamagne Tha God revealed to Miss Lada that Michael was interested in marrying her, this big surprise was almost ruined.

“He said he wants to marry you. He said he wants to get married, Lada!” Chalaman exclaimed when Lada was invited to the studio by Michael.

Michael tried to downplay and deny Charlamagne’s sadness, but Rada applied this pressure and revealed that this is not new information.

“You told me the other day! Are you going back now?” Lada told Michael.

At that time, Michael realized that his position had been blown up, and he decided to continue to raise this question. Before the cheers of the breakfast club crew encouraged him to kneel on one knee, he reached into his bag and took out Lada’s engagement ring.

“Lada, I love you. Will you marry me?” Michael asked. Lada resisted tears and said “Yes”, then screamed: “Goodbye, yes!”

Take a look at the following moment:

Michael further explained his decision to ask Lada to marry him in the follow-up post, which reads as follows: “Meet the future Mrs. Blackson @mzraddarlingLadies seek loyalty. No matter what we bring to you, we will remain loyal to your man because we are assholes, but we will do the right thing in the end. Any good things are not easy to come by, so please trust God, what should happen will happen. I am lucky to have Lada by my side, she is the definition of a great woman. Most of my haters call her a gold prospector, but believe me, Lada has never asked me for a penny. She is very independent, she is actually the one who takes care of me, and I can have A chick. Haha. “

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