Michael B. Jordan responds to a viral tweet about Denzel Washington

Comparison games always happen on social media.Last weekend, a tweet went viral on the Internet, one of the men said Michael B. Jordan It is the next Denzel Washington of our generation, and it sparked a debate on social media. After so many people started talking, Michael decided to respond.

When leaving the popular Catch restaurant in Los Angeles, Michael was caught by fans, paparazzi and TMZ, You know that TMZ didn’t waste time asking the “creed” actor what he thought of the situation. As soon as he walked out the door, the TMZ photographer said, “Hey, Michael, how do you feel when people say you are the next Denzel?” Michael quickly responded, “That’s my mentor, man. It’s all. Love, buddy.” While Michael was signing the autograph, the photographer continued to ask him more questions. “Does this make you work harder because he is GOAT?” the photographer said. Michael said briefly, “Always.”

As the conversation about Michael and Denzel continues, this should help their upcoming movie “Jordan Diaries” more excitement. In this film, Michael will play the protagonist of Sergeant Charles Monroe King, along with his wife Chanty Adams, directed by Denzel. Michael has been killing his latest character and embodies the identity of a soldier. In “No Regrets” released in June, he starred with Lauren London, where he played an elite SEAL team.

It is unclear whether Denzel will speak on this viral tweet, but Michael’s humble response is enough. Now, we must be patient and see how Michael gets guidance from his “mentor” when he launches “Jordan Magazine” this Christmas. Roommates, will you go to the cinema?

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