Miami’s famous LIV nightclub provides COVID-19 vaccine this weekend

Who said you can’t show up and get vaccinated? As the incidence of COVID-19 in Florida increases, some Miami nightclubs will offer different ways of filming.

In the early hours of this weekend, CDR Health’s mobile COVID-19 vaccination device will be located outside the LIV nightclub in Fontainebleau, Miami Beach. According to them, they will return to LIV and Story next weekend. 10 local news.

“We want to stay open and we know that the only way to achieve this is to get people vaccinated,” said club owner David Grootman.

Pfizer vaccine will be available at pop-up vaccination points, and CDR Health plans to follow up with people’s second dose of vaccine in three weeks.

“This is definitely a partnership that came about out of necessity, and I am grateful for that,” said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber.

When Gelber talked about necessity, he meant that the Delta variant of the virus is affecting young people.

Hospital officials said that the Delta variant is affecting young and most unvaccinated community members, and Florida has seen a continuous increase in new infections in the past seven weeks.

CDR Health CEO Tina Vidal-Duart said: “This is a community struggle we have never seen before.”

During the day of the past week, people have seen long lines at the COVID-19 test site.

Local leaders are responding to the proliferation of problems, despite Governor Ron DeSantis (Ron DeSantis) has been firmly opposed to the requirement to wear masks.

Employees in the City of Miami now need to wear masks at work unless they prove that they are vaccinated. After two weeks, employees in Miami-Dade County will be required to take a weekly COVID-19 test unless they show proof of vaccination.

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