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Meredith Marks (Meredith Marks) will star in the second season of RHOSLC, which includes a vow that may be renewed after a marriage problem with her husband Seth.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Meredith MarksThe 49-year-old often teased her when she talked about her story plot Spend time focusing on the family and her and LGBTQ community During the program suspension. “Life is beautiful,” Meredith said Hollywood life Exclusive recording of our new works Attention, the Puh-Lease podcast. “I’m very happy! I have no complaints now. We will see what the rest of 2021 will bring to me. I don’t know. Finger crossing is all positive, right?”

Meredith And her husband Seth showed their marital struggle at the end of the first season. Things became so bad between the two that they separated and Seth moved out of the house.But parents want Reid, twenty three, Brooks, 21, and ChloeOn the 18th, meet again at the end of 2020.

Although some couples Coronavirus disease, Meredith and Seth thrive. “For Seth and I, we are in a state of severe communication interruption. We are really working hard to fix the problem, mainly through treatment, but basically through everything we can control,” Meredith Say. “You are forced to communicate with this show throughout the process. It does help us think about how we talk to each other? What will we say? What message do you want to convey? Do you want to convey this message? How is it received? This is the situation at the end of the day. This show is about how people communicate. Whether it is me and my family, me and my children, my husband, ladies, etc. This is why everyone is watching, Rather than seeing me making margaritas in an explosive blender. That’s not the show. This is not its content. It’s an interesting moment, but it’s not what it means.”

exist Public sight Many couples in the franchise have been hurt because we have seen many people re-swear oaths and subsequently end in divorce. Because of this, don’t see Meredith sign up to the altar while the camera is rolling. “So, this is something we discussed,” Meredith said of a ceremony. “Before this, I was not a real reality show viewer, so I am still learning things, but everyone tells me that if you do this on TV, that is the beginning of the end of your marriage. Do this on the camera It’s hard. It’s not going to happen, but maybe we will do something with our 3 kids.”

After achieving such a great success with her Meredith Marks jewelry and store, She and Glad Throughout the summer, part of the jewelry sales benefited charities, and 100% of the proceeds from T-shirt design also benefited. “Business is good,” Meredith revealed. “We are very busy in stores and online. It’s great. People come all the time. It’s fun. I think they have a place to go in Park City, which is related to the show. That’s great. It’s great.”

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