Mercedes Morr’s parents bluntly after her death: “What I see, I don’t want any parents to experience.”

After the tragic death of his daughter, Jenae Gagnier’s parents Mark Gagnier and Jeaneta Grover made public statements for the first time. ABC 13 Reporter Stefania Okolie talked to them, and they shared the terrible details surrounding the death of the dead. Houston The model and what she means to her family. Janita shared her daughter and the impact of her death on her. She said: “She is alone. That is our baby. She is so famous in her world and so popular in our world. ” Mark also talked about the beauty of Mercedes and how scared it is to know that she has thousands of fans on her Instagram page. He told Stefania that Mercedes has been working hard to be more beautiful, and she worked hard on the outside, which frightened him. However, with fear, he said that he had never imagined the scene when he arrived at his 33-year-old daughter’s apartment on the day of his 33-year-old daughter’s death last Sunday night.

Her father shared the sight of her lifeless body in her home. “I know my daughter. When I arrived at my daughter’s house, it was locked. She didn’t answer my phone. It’s different from her. I know what happened,” Mark said. He went on to say that he kicked the door open without hesitation, and explained that what he saw was not anything he didn’t want the other parent to experience. The scene where he found his daughter was as tragic as her death.

According to reports, Mark and his girlfriend discovered Mercedes’ killer Kevin Akotto with a knife in his neck. Investigators believe that he stabbed himself. Around the apartment, Mark also found things written in lipstick or pen on the wall, confession notes, apologies, and love for Mercedes. Investigators believe that Kevin does not know her personally. According to the Fort Bend County Forensic Doctor, Mercedes was strangled to death and suffered a traumatic concussion. Roommates, let us continue to keep Mercedes’ loved ones in our thoughts and prayers.

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