Meme O hits back at the commenter of her daughter’s video

If someone talks about their children online, any parent will take defensive measures. Yesterday, Meme O, one of the mothers of DaBaby’s child, was the case. big baby Shared videos of their daughter and another child while on vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The children imitated DaBaby’s antics and repeated “4xs on gang” and threw a gang sign before jumping into the pool. DaBaby captioned the post, “Don’t play landmines.”

Although some people think that children are cute, there are also many people who leave messages saying that children’s behavior is disturbing. A roommate commented that I hate seeing children spit out gang signs. This is too disturbing. “Another roommate commented, “I don’t know why my parents think this is okay. “Dababy ignored the comments, but Meme didn’t. She yelled at adults without a sense of humor in her Instagram story. When reposting the video, she wrote a very long headline. “If your seed is lame, that’s it.” Say, because mine knows they are dat. You will be lame in the comments like all your children. No sense of humor at all. “

The mother and the barber definitely chose violence in the second article, she said that the people talking about the child behaved as if they would not hit their mother’s street up and down. There were different reactions to Meme’s response. Some people agreed with her to defend the children, but some roommates thought the post was unnecessary. A roommate commented: “This is crazy because no one talks about children. They are talking about parenting. Children are innocent.”

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