Medical expert Dr. Vonda Wright warned that the virus box challenge may cause “lifetime impact” injuries

The social media space is filled with one of the toughest and most interesting challenges to date. Although the crate challenge makes many of us laugh, it seems that those who choose to participate may put themselves at serious risk. middle.

The original video showed people trying to climb up stacked crates, most of them unsuccessful after the first few steps. Since then, people have made their own attempts at the challenge, and even a few have succeeded. In any case, plastic surgeon Dr. Vonda Wright warned against accepting the challenge, otherwise he may face the risk of lifelong health damage.

“This may be the most likely to cause physical harm I have seen. It will not only affect people’s daily lives, but may also have lifelong effects,” Dr. Wright told NBC News. “I know it’s fun, but let’s do something with our brains instead of bumping our heads on the ground.”

According to Dr. Wright, people who try to challenge may suffer injuries, such as wrist fractures, forearm fractures, femoral fractures, torn anterior cruciate ligaments, or concussions, which may cause lifelong brain damage. It is not clear how many serious injuries have been reported, but the people who climbed to the top of the crate are falling.

Although the crate challenge is not the first of many potentially dangerous Internet stunts, NBC News reported that platforms such as TikTok have banned users from searching for the term “milk crate challenge” due to the potential dangers associated with trends.

“TikTok prohibits content that promotes or glorifies dangerous behavior. We delete videos and redirect searches to our community guidelines to block such content,” Douyin The spokesperson told NBC. “We encourage everyone to proceed with caution, whether online or offline.”

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