Mathew Knowles denies the hypothesis that the reunion of the sons of destiny will happen after the organization’s Twitter header is changed

Fans of Destiny’s Child have been waiting for a reunion for years, and recently they think they have received signs that a reunion is coming. However, Matthew Knowles resolved their assumptions and promised not to reunite soon.

according to TMZ, Mathew Knowles told them that the group currently has no plans to reunite for an album or tour. On Wednesday, the headline of the organization’s official Twitter account changed, and many fans saw this as a sign of the imminent reunion. In an interview with Haper’s Baazar, Beyoncé also mentioned that she has been creating new music. Some fans speculated that some new DC music was part of her creation.

Matthew told the site that the change to their account was only a “routine change of the record company.” He said that this change is not required, but a random social media update. Nevertheless, he thinks that the demand for the reunion of the sons of destiny is so great, which is “great.”

Although the sons of destiny were not together for the time being, this did not cause the relationship between Beyoncé, Kelly Rowan and Michelle Williams to fade, but they still very much regarded each other as sisters.

Same as us Before According to reports, earlier this year, Kelly Rowland said that Beyoncé and Michelle actually watched her give birth to her youngest son Noah on Zoom. At that time, Kelly said: “We let our family join Zoom. They can see Noah come into this world. It’s beautiful.”

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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