Marlo Hampton shows off her swollen eyes after receiving a hair transplant

Real Housewives of Atlanta,” star Marlo Hampton (Marlo Hampton) was very candid with her followers as she continued the live broadcast on Sunday Instagram Show off the swelling of her eyes after her hair transplant.

Marlowe shared that she decided to share this moment with supporters because she wanted to be open to surgery. She said: “I was lying here today and I thought,’You know what goes online, let Hampton see. They just can’t see the gorgeous, flashy and gorgeous,’ I just want you to see the real deal.”

When talking about the reasons for her transplantation and her decision to share her experience, she said: “I think in the black community, many black women are ashamed of it. I think many of us have reservations and glue for braids. Just don’t take care of our hair. For years, I’ve always had problems with the edges. From micro braids, braids…this is something I’ve always wanted to do, but I’ll never do it, because when I Google, I’ll say “I won’t shave my head, I won’t let them cut it off.”

She added that since she can lie on the table for liposuction, she thinks she can also finish her fringe.

Marlo went on to explain that she recorded most of her hair transplant experience and plans to share it with viewers on YouTube.

She explained that the swelling of her eyes was an expected effect because she had holes in her scalp and fluid.

We hope Marlow Hampton will recover soon.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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