Mark Ambor is willing to take a “long road” to love in the new song-Hollywood Life

What happens when someone is not ready to be “more than just a friend” with you? Independent pop artist Mark Ambor interprets these emotions in his new pop music “The Long Way.”

Although it was originally born as an advertising slogan, there is some truth in the phrase “the best things belong to those who are waiting”—especially when it comes to inner issues.Some romance is travel year It’s brewing, but sometimes, not everyone is ready to take the first step. This is”Long road,” the new single of the new singer Mark Amber. In the new pop, premiere here Hollywood life, Mark finds himself on an emotional “roller coaster” because he is ready to take friendship to a new level.Unfortunately, the other person is no -But Mark promised to “be patient” when his people take their time, not salty.

“If you want to go a long way/then baby, it’s okay,” he sang in the choir. “Go to Brooklyn and return to Broadway/Can you help me navigate? / Try not to get lost in the distance/ You will never know what you missed/ If you want to go a long way/ That’s the way we want to go. “Although Mark respected this friend’s decision, they hoped that one day they would reach the same destination.

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Long road“It shows Mark’s unique and charming singing voice and the ingenious song skills that have won him a large number of followers. This is also a song that shows that he is willing to be fragile and open with his own music. “Many of us are in our There is such a person in life, no matter how long it takes, every time I see them, every time I talk to them, I feel that nothing has changed,” said Mark Ambor. Hollywood life. “I find that I not only want to establish a friendship with that person, but I know that for some reason, it is better for us to be friends for the time being.”

His new song, he said Hollywood life, Is “about a potential feeling that one day being with that person will solve the problem. In a larger sense, “The Long Road” is a real good thing that takes a long time to get, but in the end It’s still worth it.”

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Mark’s “The Long Way” followed his previous songs “Fever” and “It’s Us Again”. This self-taught guitarist, producer and singer has been playing music since he was a child (he started playing the piano when he was 7 and is now 23), but in the past year, he has been really popular online. In October 2020, he was just an ordinary, charming man with musical aspirations (and about 2,000 Instagram fans.) After a year and three songs, he has more than 237,000 followers on Instagram, and almost on TikTok. The same number of people. It’s time to get to the first floor when Mark’s career is advancing rapidly-or, when the rest of the world is dumped by this shining new talent, you can go a long way and become a fan.

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