Mara Gibbs wins stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Talking method is overdue! !On Tuesday, the legendary actress Marla Gibbs (Marla Gibbs) Hollywood Walk of FameHer work spans several decades, and she is known for appearing in “The Jeffersons”, “227” and many other classic shows.

according to New York Daily News, Mara’s star is No. 2,698 on the Walk of Fame, and July 20 was officially declared as Hollywood’s “Mala Gibbs Day.”

Anna Martinez, producer on the Walk of Fame, said: “Mara is one of the most beloved and talented actresses in the world. Her passion and tenacity for her work are legendary, and we are proud to welcome her. To the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

At the actual ceremony, 98-year-old Norman Lear, the TV producer who developed “The Jeffersons,” attended the awards ceremony and said: “Madam, there is only one you. I am very happy to be here for you. Love you. You have added time to my life, for which I am very grateful. Thank you.”

Tisha Campbell, who starred with Mara in the episode “Martin”, also attended to commemorate the legendary actress.

A week before the star unveiling ceremony, Mara talked about the honor to the “Daily News”, she said: “I never thought that this would happen. When I came here, walked to Hollywood Boulevard, walked through China Theater, when looking at all the people I have always admired, I never thought I would be one of them. So this is extraordinary.”

Even at 90, Marla is still very busy. She shared that she had just finished a movie with Snoop Dogg and had just finished the production of “The Days of Our Lives” with Jackie Harry.

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