Man ordered to pay US$4,500 to black protesters for violating their right to peacefully protest

Nine black protesters will receive $500 each from a former ice cream shop owner who violated his civil rights. According to the Associated Press, the state’s lawsuit charged David Elmendorf (David Elmendorf) Call 911 with false accusations Anti-peace protesters-call them “barbarians”. Now, in addition to the $4,500 compensation, David is also facing permanent legal consequences.

“Zero tolerance for harassment, intimidation or any form of violence against anyone in New York,” New York Attorney General Letia James Said in the ready release.

The state’s lawsuit accused David of “threatening and harassing” protesters because of their peaceful assembly and his actions violated their rights.

The group traveled to Bumpy’s Polar Freeze in Schenectady, New York, to protest against the racist text that David allegedly wrote. According to reports, this information circulated on social media. In response to their presence, David called 911 and reported that the protesters were armed and threatened to shoot him.

In fact, David was the one who wielded his baton and air rifle while shouting racism at the black protesters. Nevertheless, according to reports, his lawyer James Mermigis called these allegations “absolutely false” and said that David’s name was “disparaged.”

In support of its allegations, the lawsuit mentions a civil statue against “false, race-based police reports.” Last year, a white woman named Amy Cooper called 911 and falsely accused a black man named Christian Cooper of threatening her. Christian recorded that Amy lied directly to the police after asking her to tie her dog on a leash. This was a request from the park area where they were.

This lawsuit against David is the first to rely in part on the statue to prove his case.

Because of his actions, David was permanently banned from “threatening people in the future due to race” and was banned from wielding weapons within 1,000 feet of any peaceful protest and protesters. His lawyer revealed that he is now working in another undisclosed state. It is not clear whether there is a deadline for the payment of these nine payments.

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