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Maci Bookout reveals why her son Bentley and his father Ryan Edwards did not spend any time together.

Although Ryan Edwards Started to see the therapist-in the son Bentley’s Request-last season Teen Mom OG, Maci reservation Said that Ryan stopped receiving treatment after that, and his relationship with Bentley was affected as a result.

“[They’re not spending time together] Because [Bentley’s] Stick to his boundaries and his comfort and things.Ryan hasn’t gone to treatment with him yet, so it’s just stagnating at this point,” March told Hollywood life Exclusive, when we asked her if Bentley and Ryan have spent time together since last season.

Ryan Edwards in an episode of “Teen Mom OG.” (MTV)

Last season, Bentley agreed to spend more time with Ryan If he goes to the treatment with himBut before they can do the combined treatment together, Bentley’s therapist asked Ryan to do some separate treatments.Audience Teen Mom OG Seeing that Ryan and Bentley’s therapist had a treatment, their future seemed promising, but as we said, Maci now claims that Ryan did not continue to receive treatment after that.

Therefore, her own relationship with Ryan “almost non-existent”. Maci told us, “We have no relationship at all,” when we asked how they got along while raising Bentley together. We assume that if Bentley chooses not to see Ryan, Maci has no reason to talk to Ryan, so we are not entirely surprised by her response.

Maci Bookout and her son Bentley in the episode “Teen Mom OG”. (MTV)

Promoting the new season of Maci Teen Mom OG, Also claimed that she did not ask MTV to fire Ryan and his wife, Mackenzie Edwards, From the show, following the turbulent reunion of the previous season.Showed Maci’s husband after the reunion Taylor McKinney, And Ryan’s father Larry Edwards, Fall into a heated quarrelAccording to reports, Ryan’s family was expelled from the show.Mackenzie later said The culprit of Maci They withdrew from the series, but Maci told us that was not the case.

“All I know is that I don’t own the show, or, you know, I’m not responsible for anything. If she wants to talk and think so, that’s fine, but I don’t—I’m glad she gave me that power –But I don’t have that kind of power,” Maci said.

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