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Lorde made a stunning appearance for the October edition of Vogue with a minimalist makeup and golden Schiaparelli floral breastplate. View photos from ethereal transmission.

Lord October issue in full bloom Fashion. New Zealand singer, real name Ella Jelich-O’Connor, 24, grace Fashion magazine cover There is nothing but minimalist makeup and gorgeous floral golden breastplate from Schiaparelli Haute Couture.In the photographer’s stunning shots, huge carved flowers cover the “solar” singer’s chest, while vines and leaves sculpt her body Theo de Gerzl.

Lorde appears on the cover of the October 2021 issue of Vogue (Théo de Gueltzl in Vogue)

If Lorde’s Schiaparelli work evokes another important fashion moment this year, it should be.Model Bella Hadid Wearing eye-catching gold Lung-shaped breastplate From Shapari Cannes Film Festival July in France. The model paired this eye-catching piece with an elegant low-waist black gown.Elsewhere in Lorde’s shots, she is dressed in white Alexander McQueen A dress with leaf patterns in the water and a gleaming gray Balenciaga tank top skirt by the rock.

Lorde in Alexander McQueen’s “Vogue” October 2021 (Théo de Gueltzl of “Vogue”)

In the accompanying interview published on Wednesday, the Grammy Award winner discussed her latest third studio album Solar energy, Since August 20th, everything about pop stars reveals that she doesn’t feel “mature” for The life of a pop star. “Lord said: “I am very good at my job, but I am not sure if I am suitable for this job. “

Lorde in Balenciaga for the October 2021 edition of “Vogue” (Théo de Gueltzl of “Vogue”)

“I am a highly sensitive person,” she continued. “I was not born for the life of a pop star. To have a public presence is something I feel very strong, and it is also something I am not good at. That kind of natural charm is not what I have. My brain is in a jar. “This revelation can explain why the star stays away from social media. She reflected on taking a step back from the Internet, calling it “a tunnel too deep” to navigate.

She said: “From a philosophical point of view, quitting this matter is actually a huge decision for me.” “The tunnel is too deep…I can feel that if I continue to surf the Internet, it will be both for work and me. It’s all very bad. I don’t think there are many people I meet. They think social media is positive. It is generating crazy chemicals and forming crazy neural pathways that are not rooted in positivity. But I think that as a Society, we must face things that make us sick honestly.”

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