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The brotherhood of the two is still alive! Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper were spotted participating in the US Open men’s singles final on September 12, and they looked more handsome than ever.

this 2021 U.S. Open It’s a star-studded thing.best friend Brad Pitt, 57, and Bradley CooperAt the age of 46, he decided to spend a day at the US Open in New York City on September 12.Brad and Bradley sat side by side to watch the Serbia game Novak Djokovic And Russian Daniel Medvedev Participate in the men’s singles final.

Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper at the 2021 US Open. (John Minchlow/Associated Press/Shutterstock)

Both actors maintained a casual and fashionable style at the US Open. Brad is wearing a fisherman hat, blue shirt and gray pants. He kept his sunglasses for most of the game. His blue mask hung over his ear. Bradley is wearing a light blue shirt and dark blue pants.

Brad and Bradley have been close friends for many years.this Once Upon a Time in Hollywood The star even praised Bradley for helping him sober. When Brad won Bradley’s award at the National Review Committee Gala in January 2020, he thanked Brad for his help.

“Thank you, Bradley. Bradley just put his daughter on the bed and rushed over to do it,” Brad said, according to Vulture“Because of this person, I have become sober and I have been happier every day since then.” He added, “He is a sweetheart…I love you and I thank you.”

Brad is currently engaged in a nasty custody battle with his predecessor Angelina Jolie. At the beginning of September, Brad asks California Supreme Court Review the California Court of Appeals’ decision and disqualify him and Angie from the private judge chosen many years ago.After Brad was disqualified, the judge was disqualified Grant joint guardianship Their 5 minor children.

Brad Pitt Bradley Cooper
Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper sat side by side during a tennis match. (Ella Ling/Shutterstock)

Brad’s lawyer Theodore J. Butrus Jr. Gibson Dunn told Hollywood life, Stating that the interim judge “has been appointed by both parties and renewed several times. After providing detailed, fact-based detention decisions, he was improperly disqualified after a long legal process by many witnesses and experts.” His lawyer also said. Said, “The ruling of the lower court will reward those parties in cases of losing custody of children and condone their tricks, allowing them to wait and see the possible direction of the case before seeking to disqualify them as judges. To condone the use of this strategic “waiting” cancellation Eligibility challenges will cause irreparable harm to the children and families involved in this case, as well as other families in other cases, because the overburdened court unnecessarily prolongs the resolution time system for these disputes. This kind of cunning litigation is allowed. The strategy will deprive parents of irreplaceable time with their children, because judges will be disqualified for secondary reasons when they hear the case. The lower court’s ruling is not good for children, and it’s not good for California’s overburdened judicial system.”

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