Lizo publicized the criticism she faced after the release of her latest single

Lizzo is famous for various things, such as producing catchy national anthems that make it to the top of the charts. She is also known as an advocate of physical positivity and embracing the skin you are on. With the release of her latest single “Rumor”, some feedback from critics led Lizzo to show her fans her fragile side emotional Instagram live.

Now she is and Good Morning America About the critic, and the message she hopes her music will help her audience convey.

In an interview, Lizzo said: “I don’t mind criticizing my music, I don’t even mind the vulgar comments. I just feel that sometimes people like me are treated unfairly.”

She continued, “People are like,’Don’t let them lower their heads to see you.’ My head always lifts up. Even if I am upset, even when I cry, my head lifts up. But I know that as an artist, my work is sometimes reflective. This should not be empty talk. This should not work.”

Lizzo shared that for many years, black women have suffered from marginalization. If there is no social media, she feels that she might be erased, adding: “But I chose undeniable. I chose to be loud, and I chose Great.”

Same as us Before According to reports, Lizzo abandoned the new single “Rumors” with Cardi B as the protagonist and the music video of the song, and at the same time resolved the rumors about her. Despite some negative feedback, Lizzo shared some confidence that helped motivate others.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94

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