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Exciting new details about the “RHOBH” reunion have finally surfaced. Find out who played the most and how much Erika Jayne really answered her legal dilemma.

It sounds like Erica Jayne Won’t be the only one to bring drama to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. After the actors filmed the highly anticipated special on Friday, September 10th, Hollywood life Exclusively learned Lisa Linna with Gasel Beauvais “Hold to the end” and “a lot of quarrels and yelling occurred” between them.

“Rinna and Garcelle worked hard, they attacked each other,” our insider said. “[Lisa and Garcelle’s fight was one of] The most dramatic moment of reunion. Throughout the season, a lot of quarrels and screams were brewing between them, and the result came out. “

Lisa Rinna & Garcelle Beauvais (BRAVO)

So what are they fighting for? Well, according to our insiders, Lisa still believes Gasell told the ladies that Tom called Erica on purpose, Get Erika’s response. Although Garcelle previously denied Lisa did not let such things go-Lisa doubled her theories at the party.

But this is not all we heard. We also learned that “Andy worked very hard on Erica. [Things] They were heated several times between them, but [Erika] Hold on to yourself and answer everything she can answer.She feels good about her handling [remained] Strong. “

In addition, while hosting SiriusXM Radio Andy September 13, Andy Cohen He himself revealed whether Erica’s legal drama will become the central topic of a possible three-part special show. 53-year-old Andy said: “Well, this drama is always on, because the tentacles of this drama involve all the ladies, you know.” “I would say that we did a lot in her marriage drama. Part of [with estranged husband Tom Girardi] Earlier in the day. Then, I would say that the last 90 minutes was a very lively conversation about the case and what was happening. “

When asked if Erika would admit anything about her legal predicament, Andy said, “She answered everything.”

“I think I asked her everything. I mean, the audience asked amazing questions, and I think we represent the audience’s feelings,” he continued. “I think it’s fascinating, fascinating, and surprising. We did it, we talked about everything. I mean, tell a topic, and if someone has discussed it, I will tell you.”

Want more drama?New episode The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills It airs on Bravo every Wednesday at 8pm.

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